Parasites are not only found in the intestine

The parasites are not only found in the intestine, as is generally thought, but in any part of the body: in the lungs, in the liver, in the muscles, in the stomach, in the brain, in the blood Detoxant Review, in the skin and even in the eyes.

The great migratory movements of population and the speed of the means of transport, as well as the high commercial interchange, diminish the distances and turn the common isolated illnesses in universal sufferings and vice versa; parasitosis previously circumscribed to very specific areas, appear in others very far from their initial foci.

This situation is favored by the socioeconomic conditions in which there are large masses of the planet’s population. A high percentage of the world population suffers from infections by parasites Detoxant Review, which are responsible for 15 million deaths of children annually.

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