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I myself have realized that some of my best photos are made with my mobile phone. Or at least those that I like the most and those that have praised me the most. Because sometimes it is not about pixels or clarity, but about the moment , to know how to see and capture an emotion.

Do not take pictures with too much color saturation. Do not overload your frames with too many elements. That is bad, very bad. It causes rejection, tires the eye, stuns, and makes people want to look away from your picture.

Photographic minimalism consists of saying a lot with very little. With a picture rich in elements we would all be able to say something, more or less. The challenge consists in sports photographer Hong Kong few elements, few colors, and with that being able to say something. Anyone could photograph a stone, a foot, a glass, but how many are able to transmit something with so little?

That is the grace: photographing a loser, a foot or a glass being able to tell a story, generate an emotion, cheer, sadden, provoke tenderness, passion, panic, doubt, peace, nostalgia or love.

Minimalism is not just a kind of photography or a fashion, minimalism is a philosophy, a current that ranges from decoration to music through photography. It is a lifestyle. Do you need to be minimalist to achieve a minimal photograph? Not necessarily.

However, it will help you to know some keys to achieve a minimalist photograph with interest. Less is more, but as long as that less is well executed and careful;). In today’s article, I’m going to tell you those keys so that you can achieve your first minimal photograph. One that likes, that attracts, that seduces.

As I have told you in the introduction, minimalism tries to reduce to the minimum expression, to eliminate everything that is left over, to abstract, to reduce to the essential. How does this apply to photography? Choosing a single subject and make it the sole protagonist of the image. Everything else remains.

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